What is Sacred Baby?

Sacred Baby is a movement to bring spirituality, holistic practices, support and sisterhood to modern-day mothering through class and retreat programs. Sacred Baby provides sisterhood + community, and an array of holistic parenting practices. 


Sacred Baby classes are an 8 week class series designed to continue the Sacred Pregnancy path. We, along with baby, sit together in sacred circle to honor the rite of passage of bringing a baby earth-side, whether it’s the transition from maiden to mother or the transition to more than one child. Empowered by the support of other mothers, we build a village of support during a time of challenge, beauty and growth. Through the gifts of community, commemoration, celebration and ceremony, we shine light on the many vibrant experiences of mothering - those moments bursting with unbound love as well as the raw, vulnerable times.


Each week touches on an essential topic for a mother while honoring the deep connection between mom and baby. Prior attendance of Sacred Pregnancy classes is not a requirement; this series is open to all moms, new and experienced alike.


Sacred Baby Retreats are an experiential training to lead Sacred Baby classes designed to honor this rite of passage, love and support mamas through that precious first year, and connect them with their “village.” Even if you never intend to lead classes,  we invite YOU - mamas, someday mamas, mamas in the making and all women hell bent on raising the vibration around mothering - to take time out of the daily grind, connect with Self, join the sisterhood and return with a refreshed outlook on mothering.


Who Attends Sacred Baby Instructor Retreats? Women like yourself. Women who are called to lead mamas into a space of connectedness, community and conscious living. You will gain the knowledge, resources and support to infuse your own mothering with holistic practices, as well as to lead the Sacred Baby Class Series (an 8-week session for mama and her not-yet-crawling baby). You’ll also be empowering these like-minded mamas to raise their babies within the sacred bond of sisterhood. There are also a whole lot of awesome community building projects. Check out the outline.


Sacred Baby is one of the many GORGEOUS sister programs offered within the Sacred Living Movement, a collective of programs for those who seek to live a sacred life.